Shabbos Schedule - Shabbos Parshas Toldos

  • Zman Krias Shema:  9:15

    Kiddush:  This week’s Hashkama Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Yael and Jonathan Pittinsky for the yahrzeit of Yael’s father, Nosson ben Moshe haLevi z”l and by Beilla and Hershel Botvinnikov for the yahrzeit of Hershel’s mother, Perel bas Ruvim a”h. There is no Main Minyan Kiddush this week because of a simcha rental.

    Shalosh Seudos:  This week’s Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Eliezer Schwadron, in memory of his grandfather, Shimshon ben Dovid.

    Shabbos Shiur: The Rabbi’s shiur in “Bein Adam L’Chaveiro” will take place after the Main Minyan in the Main Shul.

    Daf Yomi:  Rabbi Jacobowitz daf yomi shiur at 2:40

    Mishna Brura Shiur: The Mishna Brura shiur will be at 5:20 pm.

    If you are interested in having guests, or in being a guest this Shabbos, please speak to  Rav Eisenman, Meir Weinraub, or Luba Penner.