Shabbos Schedule - Shabbos Parshas Vayakheil-Pekudei

  • Zman Krias Shema:  9:57

    Kiddush:  This week’s Hashkama Kiddush is co-sponsored by: Yael and Jonathan Pittinsky for the Yahrtzeit of Yael’s grandfather, Zalman ben Shaul. Shmuel & Tamar Schock for the Yahrtzeits of Pesach Yitzchok ben Tzvi Hirsch, Chana Bluma bas Shmuel Naftali, & Hasha bas Shmuel Naftali. This week’s Main Minyan Kiddush is co-sponsored by: Elisheva & Barry Stein for the yartzeit of their daughter Chavie, Chava Yehudis bas Baruch Ephraim. Hy Miklacki for his father’s yartzeit, Yosef Eli ben Chaim.

    Shalosh Seudos:  This week’s Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Joel Miklacki for his grandfather’s yartzeit, Yosef Eli ben Chaim.

    Shabbos Shiur: The Rabbi’s shiur in “Bein Adam L’Chaveiro” will take place after the Main Minyan in the Main Shul.

    Daf Yomi:  Rabbi Eisenman's daf yomi shiur at 7:45. Rabbi Jacobowitz daf yomi shiur at 2:40

    Shabbos Shiur: The Ahavas is hosting a visiting scholar from the Kollel Elyon of Yeshiva University. Rabbi David Weiss will be giving a shiur at 5:30pm Shabbos afternoon titled, "Matzah's Identity Crisis: Bread of Affliction or Bread of Redemption?"

    Mishna Brura Shiur: The Mishna Brura shiur will be at 7:55 pm.

    If you are interested in having guests, or in being a guest this Shabbos, please speak to  Rav Eisenman, Meir Weinraub, or Luba Penner.