About Town

Passaic/Passaic Park is a Jewish community in northern New Jersey of more than 1300 orthodox families. It is a place bursting with Jews and Judaism, with multiple shuls, packed into three square miles. On Friday afternoon, a buzzing Main Avenue, with its baby carriages and bochurim, almost resembles Yerushalayim.

And on Shabbos you can still sit in your backyard and hear the birds chirping or stroll in Passaic Park and walk along the lake, watching the ducks and geese, or take a leisurely stroll and exchange Shabbos greetings with passersby.

Passaic is growing at a pace of almost 100 new families a year. Despite that, it has not lost its reputation as a warm and friendly community. When people think of the Passaic community, they think of the easy introductions, the offers of rides and meals, hospitality and errands that are available to anyone in need.

Passaic has many amenities needed by a frum Jew and family.

It has single and multi-family homes as well as apartments, affording lots of housing choices. It has an eruv, allowing its residents to carry on Shabbos. (Eruv map). It has mikvaot for women and men and a keillim mikvah.

The YM/YWHA/Federation building (located in neighboring Clifton) sports a full exercise gym and programs for children, adults and seniors. Separate men’s and women’s swimming and gym hours are available.

The community has a full range of schools for all ages: pre-school, elementary, separate high schools for boys and girls, post high school, as well as kollelim, adult programs and shiurim, daytime or evenings.

Passaic’s main streets boasts a variety of stores: restaurants, a kosher bakery and a kosher-only supermarket, as well as Shomer Shobbos clothing and accessories stores. You can browse the two seforim and Judaica stores.

Passaic and its sister community, Clifton, are within close proximity to the Lincoln Tunnel, with an easy 30-minute access by bus or train to New York City.

Visit Passaic and see for yourself why so many Jews are making it their home.

Make sure to visit The Passaic/Clifton Community Bulletin Board.